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Business Development & Investor Readiness Programs

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ISBI Institute and Ongoza have partnered to offer the ‘Business Development and investor readiness Programs.


This is focused on business development advisory based on a standard ‘health check’ of the enterprise followed by a 3-month engagement with a growth partner to implement recommendations as we walk with our clients’ businesses. 

This 3-month intervention would include aspects of: operations, financial management, market research, investment readiness, sales and marketing, strategy and entrepreneur wellness. 

Entrepreneurs will get a chance to participate on the marketplace platform and showcase their products to an international audience and exclusive access to a network of Grants, Venture Capitalists and Microfinance Funders. 

B.D.P Offerings


Market Place

The Ongoza Marketplace offers an opportunity for entrepreneurs to boost their revenue and growth by selling their products to both local & international markets.


Business Development Services

Consultants meet with you and your team to determine your business objectives, challenges and any other relevant information to determine the course of your engagement with us.



Connecting entrepreneurs and businesses with the capital they need to scale, and funders with startups and early-stage businesses who are looking for growth partners.


Bankable & Investable

The B.D.P Program aims to make all businesses bankable and investable. This includes helping entrepreneurs develop proper  processes to run their businesses professionally and with solid governance structures

 I came to the program to learn and pick up new knowledge I can apply to my business. It was worth the investment, and the networks I made were valuable as well.”

Chris Nzuve – Bigartta

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