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Capital Raising Seminar

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The Capital Raising Seminar provides insights on how African entrepreneurs can prepare their businesses & make them attractive to investors. The seminar is run by academic & industry experts in the Investment Sector.

Other topics discussed include: Succession Planning, Valuation, Legal Aspects, Negotiation, Governance & Professionalization, Taxation & Business Structuring, Raise Capital, Encash or Diversify.

Interested in the 2023 Capital Raising Seminar?

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2023 Capital Raising Seminar Topics

  • To raise, encash or diversify.

  • Capital raising process.

  • Valuation.

  • Taxation & business structuring.

  • Opportunities for capital raising, local and international.

  • Capital raising opportunities through NSE.

CRS Modules

Raise Capital or Encash & Diversify

  • Why raise capital or sell?

  • Working Capital vs Capital Expenditure

  • Types of Capital Raise Transactions

  • Capital Structure

  • Reasons for Exit


  • Why value your business?

  • What increases/decreases value?

  • Discounted Cash Flow Valuation

  • Market Multiples Approach

  • Asset Based Valuation

  • Valuation by Industry

Governance & Professionalsm

  • Accountability Issues

  • Governance & Sustainability

  • Taxation on Restructuring

  • Future Tax Considerations

  • Ownership Structures

Capital Raising Process

  • Transaction Structuring

  • Transaction Marketing

  • Due Diligence & Commercial Negotiations

  • Completion

Legal Aspects

  • Legal Implications Debt vs Equity

  • Legal Due Diligence

  • Documentation 

  • Comparative Costs

  • Share Subscription Agreement

Business Banking - Bank Debt & Syndication

  • Asset Finance

  • Term Loan

  • Overdraft Facilities 

  • Bills Discounting

  • Mortgage Loans & Contract Finance

  • Letters of Credit & Bank Guarantees

  • Important Financial Ratios


  • Negotiation in Business

  • The framework of negotiations

  • "Below the line" issues

  • Conflicts between entrepreneurs & VC firms

  • Sources of power in negotiation

  • Negotiation styles - strengths & weaknesses

Taxation & Business Structuring

  • Getting ready for a transaction

  • Business Structures & Taxes

  • Taxation on Restructuring

  • Future Tax Considerations

Capital Raising Opportunities through the NSE

  • More on NSE?

  • NSE Products

  • Benefits of Public Listing

  • Process of issuing an IPO

Capital Raising in Practice: Family Business panel (Enterpreneurs, PE funders)

  • Should I consider PE for my Business?

  • Expectations from working with a PE Partner

  • Governance, Connection & Succession

  • Best Practices, Financial Control, Direction & Leadership

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