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We offer comprehensive innovative business programmes for entrepreneurs who wish to streamline their operations, expand their business and graduate from small informal stage to formal or higher levels of scale enterprises. The main focus of the programmes is on the immediate practical value for entrepreneurs and best practices from each industry involved. All business cases were developed based on real-life Kenyan examples. The class framework also provides an excellent opportunity to network and exchange ideas with like-minded entrepreneurs.


ISBI Open Session

Date: 19th January 2024

Venue: Strathmore Business School

Entry: Free

Topic: 2024 Kickoff. Inviting SMEs to a forum where we discuss strategies to empower your SME for a Stellar Start

Speaker: Betty Maloba - Strategy and Investment & Banking Consultant

Advanced Entrepreneurship Program

Intake start: 8th February 2024

Intake end: 9th May 2024

Fee: Ksh 144,000

Location: Strathmore University Business School

For inquiries:
+254 703 034 886/7 



From Farm to Enterprise: How to Scale Up Your Agribusiness and Maximise Profit

Agriculture has been the backbone of many economies for centuries, providing food, fibre, and fuel for people globally. With a growing population and a rising demand for agricultural products, the agribusiness sector presents a significant opportunity for entrepreneurs and investors looking to scale up their operations and maximize profit.

Scaling up an agribusiness from small-scale to enterprise level requires careful planning, sound management, and a deep understanding of the market and the industry. In this article, we will explore some of the key strategies and considerations for successfully scaling up your agribusiness.


We publish and send regular articles on how you can improve and optimise your business to enable you to grow and scale. 

Is your business overly reliant on you? Do you dream of processes and systems that will free up your time and enable your business to grow beyond you? Do you struggle to understand how or where your company finances end up?

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All our articles and advice is also published regularly on our blog.


ISBI Institute

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