Our programmes are designed for business owners and key decision makers in small businesses that achieved initial growth, yet have hit barriers to further development, but have the desire and commitment to grow their business.


This is a hands-on, practical and participant centred program
designed to help SMEs detect execution gaps and explore
the optimization potential hidden in their businesses. It reflects the current challenges and emerging opportunities in SME markets created by disruptive innovation, socioeconomic trends and market volatility.


The Reka Initiative is designed to improve financial literacy and decision making among SMEs in Kenya. The programme is a combination of both in-class and on-site training. This method is effective in ensuring that the theory taught in the classroom is implemented within the entrepreneur's business premises. Participants receive a mobile application (REKA) developed in-house and a tablet to be able to record their daily business transactions.

IEP enables the transition from an informal ad hoc micro-stage to a focused structured company by providing entrepreneurs with a comprehensive set of skills and a professional business perspective. The Program combines Teaching, Training, Mentoring and Consulting (TTMC) and is based on the case method, widely applied in business schools all over the world, just abridged to the elementary level.